dsc05297Rachel Hodges was born in the Philippines to missionary parents and has lived most of her life in New Hampshire. In her early twenties, she traveled the world with a small-scale performing arts troupe before settling back in New England. She worked in childcare and with the disabled, until her karate chopping husband stole her heart with ninja-like speed. Now living in northern Florida, Rachel is raising her two rambunctious children. When she is not writing, she can be found wandering through art museums or humming away at her sewing machine. Gingerly is her debut novel, to be released March 1, 2019.

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Twenty-seven-year-old Caitlyn McIntyre is one year out of a bad marriage, two weeks late on rent for her crappy apartment, and three days from losing her job.

The redhead from Vermont thought she’d gotten past the tragedies in her life when she escaped to beautiful Saint Simons after her divorce. But Caitlyn’s curls, piled into a tangled frizz in the oppressive Georgia heat, are as unmanageable as her life as she finds herself facing not only unemployment, but also having to give up the sewing business and life she’d fought hard to establish. Her fears are allayed when Nick, a real estate developer on Saint Simons Island, is in sudden need of a nanny for his autistic son. But the chemistry between Caitlyn and Nick adds to Caitlyn’s problems, especially when the rumors of Nick being a womanizer appear to be true. Over the course of two years, Caitlyn takes on an anxious preschooler, a foreign exchange student, the entitlement of the wealthy, and her growing attraction to her boss.


is an uplifting and often humorous novel about the paths women must take to find their identity and build a life they’re proud of.